Integrative Pain Management

Pain is defined as an unpleasant physical and emotional experience.  Many parts of the body and brain contribute to pain.  While chronic pain is incredibly complex, the many potential contributors to pain in turn offer many targets for treatment.  Since each person is unique, often a customized plan created in partnership between patient and physician can return a sense of control in many areas.

For instance, anything that causes systemic inflammation in the body may be part of what is holding the pain at its current level.  Treatable sources may include poor gastrointestinal function, food sensitivities or allergies, excess stress, toxins in the body tissue and nutritional deficiencies.  Body biomechanics may have been altered due to scars, trauma or an old injury, either physical or emotional.

Integrative and functional medicine approaches offer testing and treatment of many areas not accessible to traditional medicine.   A combination of addressing digestive dysfunction, food intolerances, biomechanical malalignments and heightened stress responses often is successful in reducing pain, lessening flares and giving a person more control over that “unpleasant experience.”

Please note this practice does not prescribe opioid pain medication.

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