Treating according to osteopathic principles means treating the whole person.  Historically preceding the advent of integrative and functional medicine by over a century, osteopathy is a comprehensive medical philosophy that includes addressing lifestyle, biomechanical alignment and prevention in addition to treating illness and pain.

Hands-On Medicine treats patients according to osteopathic principles and almost always includes manual diagnosis in addition to testing and imaging, if needed, and manual therapy using gentle osteopathic manipulation.

These are the basic Tenets of Osteopathic Medicine from the American Osteopathic Association:

  1. The body is a unit; the person is a unit of body, mind, and spirit.

  2. The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.

  3. Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.

  4. Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.

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